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26 September 2006 @ 10:22 pm
Challenge 2: Sheppard as Neo  
Challenge 2: Sheppard as Neo
For the second challenge, I have made a manip of Sheppard as Neo (The Matrix style)!

Icon previews:

So, here's how it works:
+ Look at the manip of Sheppard, and then get creative!
+ There is no cut-off date, and you can enter and many times as you like.
+ Your entry can be anything that you like, as long as it's somehow related to the manip prompt. If you write, then you could do some fanfiction inspired by the manip. If you do artwork then you could make a wallpaper or icons or something inspired by the manip. If you're a vidder, you could make a video response to the challenge. If you love music, then you could post some songs that are inspired by the vid. If you ... well, I think you get the idea. The only limit is your creativity!

How to respond:
+ Your response should be a new post to the community (it's fine to link to your personal journal if you prefer).
+ Please clearly label any posts of a mature nature.
+ Please use lj-cuts for long posts.
+ In your subject line, please include the challenge number and the art-type of your response (e.g. vid, fiction, icons, wallpaper, doodle).

Above all else, have fun! And please pimp this community to anyone that you think might be interested! Thanks! Also, you can still respond to Challenge 1.

(And if you have something that you'd like us to use for a future challenge, then please comment in this post or email me at wwsd2katie@gmail.com)